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School Conflict? Anticipate, Analyze, Act! Presented by Jen Schwanke

Live Virtual

July 31st, 2024, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Live on Zoom



9 a.m. - Noon CDT

July 31, 2024

Live on Zoom and Asynchronously for 60 days

3 PD Hours


Experience a high-energy, high-impact virtual session, and gain immediate practical tips to manage conflict in your schools. Part facilitator-led, part workshop, and part seminar-style reflection, this session will provide insight and ideas to change how we think about conflict and how to embrace it for long-term success.


Part 1 - Conflict 

A Closer Look Learn to embrace conflict rather than running from, denying, or deflecting it. Examine your current mindset, identify your current conflict management strategies, and consider one immediate and impactful change to improve your management of conflict. Explore: 

● Types of conflict

● Productive vs. Damaging

● What is your responsibility in managing others?

● Typical conflicts

        ○ How can we embrace productive conflict?

        ○ How might systematic changes reduce damaging conflict?

● Twelve mindset skills

Closing Activity: “The One Thing”


Part 2 - Anticipate, Analyze & Act

Applying some of the learning from Part 1, attendees will consider a practical problem-solving cycle to address conflict.

● Anticipate

        ○ Conflicts you can predict

        ○ Conflicts that might be percolating

● Analyze

        ○ Reviewing facts, feelings, and perspectives

        ○ Checking your own bias

        ○ Defining the real problem

● Act

        ○ Steps to take to move conflict from damaging to productive

Closing Activity: “Yeah, but…”


Part 3 — Specific Conflict...and You

In the final part of our session, we will study some of the typical conflicts present in school and apply the anticipate—> analyze—> act cycle to successfully manage them. Attendees will consider conflict management as an ongoing “get to” rather than “have to.”

● Common Conflicts

        ○ Teachers, parents, students

● Using the AAA cycle

● Addressing informally, formally, or somewhere in between those blurred,lines

● Empowering others to manage their own conflict response

        ○ Culture, teamwork, and shared efficacy

        ○ Identifying barriers

● When the conflict is… YOU

Closing Activity: Final feedback, summaries, & takeaways





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Jen Schwanke, Ed.D., is a longtime educator, teaching and leading at all levels. She is the author of four ASCD books, including the just-released, The Principal’s Guide to Conflict Management. She has written and presented for multiple state and local education organizations and has provided professional development to various districts in the areas of school climate, personnel, and instructional leadership. An instructor in educational administration at Miami University of Ohio, Dr. Schwanke currently serves as a Deputy Superintendent in Ohio. You can find her on her website at jenschwanke.com, X at@jenschwanke, and Instagram @DrJenSchwanke.



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