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An Interview with Steve Oertle


Illinois ASCD is excited to be able to include in our ranks many national and international presenters as honorary members.


The Spring Edition of our Quarterly Journal is out now! This edition is on #EducatorBurnout. Read it now!

Excited to host #JamesPopham for a workshop on assessment literacy. #ilascdlearns

Have you read the latest edition of the #ILASCD Quarterly Journal!? This edition is all about #EducatorBurnout. Read it now!

How to make difficult conversations productive:

9 Questions to reflect critically on you own teaching

NGSS Implementation: Six recommendations for investing in Science Teachers Leadership

Exciting news! @JSerravallo will be joining us next year! Don't miss: Jennifer Serravallo: Achieving Complete Reading Comprehension

Enhancing the digital learning experience.

Cursive seemed to go the way of quills and parchment. Now it's coming back.

Don't Miss Dr. Jean! Registration now open.

It's #TaxDay! Here are some hands-on activities you could use in your classroom:

Myron Dueck kicking off his workshop today with his “Ask Them” keynote. #ilascdlearns

Excited to host Myron Dueck today! #ilascdlearns

#HappyApril! It's a new month, are you setting personal and professional goals for yourself?

The Spring Edition of our Quarterly Journal is out now! This edition is on #EducatorBurnout. Read it now!

5 Tips for #Teaching with #Art in any subject

#FreeTechFriday Making Animoto videos with purpose

Happy Friday! Great explanation of how science works, but more importantly, a great explanation for your students about making mistakes. #HappyFriday

I teach because: A Teacher’s Wellness/Mindfulness Primer with Carla Tantillo Philibert - Educators will leave with validation, helpful and practical strategies, and inspiration for the work ahead.

4 Things all project-based learning teachers should do:

7 Skills Students will Always Need

Why education needs a "whole Child" Approach: #WholeChild Wednesday

Some great #goodbye options from our Summer Kinder presenterDr Jean Feldman Registration is now open - don't miss Dr. Jean!

Registration now open for our Summer Kindergarten conference featuring Dr. Jean Felman! #KinderTuesday #Kinder19

We can't thank you enough for all the volunteers, committee members, presenters and attendees for making the 2019 Pre-K/K Conference such an overwhelming success. #ThankYou #Kinder19 #KinderTuesday

Happy Monday! Here's a heart warming story to put a smile on your face. Some times all you need is some or a different perspective. #HappyMonday

#ILASCD is honored to receive the ASCD award for our efforts in the area of professional learning #ILASCDLearns #Empower19

Come visit our IL ASCD Booth at Empower 19. After you check at registration, turn around and the booth will be in front of you on the far right.
See you soon! #Empower19 #ILASCDLearns

#kinder19 Kim Adsit speaking about Loteracy Interventions

The expo hall is open until 2:30. Make sure you get down there and see our vendors before they’re gone! #kinder19

Melissa Leach discussing Interactice writing #kinder19

Teachers Learn Too Adam Peterson discussing classroom management #kinder19

Jan Richardson discussing Early Guided Reading to a packed house! #kinder19

Excited to welcome Dr Jan Richardson for our day 2 keynote. She will be discussing closing the achievement gap #kinder19

Mary Goza from McHenry come on down!!! You’ve won a Kindle Fire! Please come to Schaumburg E to pick it up. #kinder19

Alissa Wolf of Taylorville congratulations! You’ve won a tpt gift card! Come to Schaumburg E to pick it up! #kinder19

What are your difficult child’s nonacademic strengths? #kinder19 Calming the Chaos with Karen Wagnon

❤️❤️❤️ beloved committee member and kinder presenter Ruth Cormier #kinder19 #foreveryoung

Excited to host our first session to be offered completely in Spanish. #kinder19 Aprendiendo, Explorando y Jugando en Los Centros

Juggling Jeff asking attendees if they had to rate themselves, from 1 to 10, what would they give themselves? During his inspirational session, “Take Care of You , Too!” #kinder19

Congrats to our first kindle fire winner! Ms. Vazquez

Michael Bonner discussing how he structures his morning meetings in #bonnerville #kinder19

Hooray! Our first raffle winner. Congrats, Dani! #kinder19

Kim Jordano talking with attendees about how to get students to retell stories #kinder19

Donna Whyte discussing Tips for Engaging Students #kinder19

Teachers Learn Too‘s Adam Peterson discussing classroom management: treat your students like actual human beings! #kinder19

DeeDee Wills discussing how the brain processes, remembers, and stores music #kinder19

Michael Bonner signing books and taking pictures with #kinder19 attendees.


RT @missdhanda: Love seeing our teachers working on supporting both their students AND themselves through the @ASCD #wholechild tenets! #TT…

RT @ASCD: It would be naive to think that conditions don't affect our passion for teaching. They do. But they don't define us.

RT @ELmagazine: According to research, greeting students at the door has the particular benefit of giving them a sense of “connection and b…

West Chicago High School Drama Students Take Over McDonald's

RT @ASCD: As a new educator, you may feel like you need to be perfect. Take some time to listen to these famous educators reflect on the…

RT @jdprickett: @BrianFaulkner44 @ilprincipals Happy to present for my colleagues in the Kishwaukee region last night! It’s going to be a…

RT @MrsQualter: Practicing our numbers with a partner race! #d124achieve #d124inspire

RT @MrsUkena: How do you review for a social studies test? Tic-tac-GLOW! #Learnwith112 #rockyourschool2019

RT @PaulSolarz: Honored to be included on the cadre of Educator-Presenters for @ILASCD: I'll be presenting at the…

To Prevent School Shootings, Districts Are Surveilling Students' Online Lives

Editorial: Red tape in education needs cut via @pantagraph

RT @MCUSDSupe: Most likely, you’re KILLING it and just have not taken the time to realize the great work you are doing. Here’s why . . . ht…

RT @ASCD: There will never be enough time for teachers to accomplish all they need to at team meetings, but you can maximize what time they…

RT @ISBEnews: Did you know ISBE offers options to earn a short-term approval to teach outside your current endorsed grade range? Learn more…

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RT @WalterinDC: Coming out this Friday, free to members of ASCD Affiliates: ASCD EDAdvantage chocked full of original resources on The Whol…

Seven districts piloting in-vehicle tablets to improve bus routes, safety via @EdDiveK12

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RT @D54schools: So many @DooleySchool54 students and families enjoyed walking and biking to school together this morning. Thanks @Schaumbur…

RT @EdtalkL: Join us SUnday the 22nd when we will talk to @EL_ASCD member & @ASCD book author Allison Rodman @thelearningloop! @ASCDcommuni…

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Reed School Introduces Good News Call Of The Day Program

RT @SELearningEDU: Restorative approaches teach our children that we do not impose consequences solely because we are in a position of auth…

RT @maestra_mendoza: Our @il_ascd fall journal will be out soon!! Our theme is equity and implicit bias! We received so many entries from v…

RT @EScottEngland: Check out this awesome deal. Get it now and be prepared for when @ldavidmarquet joins #AnchoredinEducation in October to…

RT @ASCDconf: Have you heard? @JohnBKing will be joining us at #ASCDCEL! Don't miss your chance to hear from the former Education Secretary…

RT @Amy_MacCrindle: The latest The MacCrindle Daily! Thanks to @HamptonCSchools @pbriggs728 #edtech #edchat

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While school districts across the state are required to have threat assessment teams and protocols, local school di…

RT @knowledgeworks: "#Museums are well placed to foster the authentic engagement that we know to be a key factor in student achievement," w…

The Timeliness of Actions When a Staff Member Dies

Meridian schools bring back ag education via @heraldandreview

Scientific research on how to teach critical thinking contradicts education trends

Rich Township high schools add program with fewer, longer classes for students who need to get ‘back on track’

How to Do Goal Setting With Your Students This School Year via @WeAreTeachers

RT @Chas10Buttigieg: It was my high school drama teacher who made sure I knew there was space for me in this world. Her kind words had a tr…

RT @AmyGonzales622: Love our staff bullentin board in the lounge. Another great idea from @TechNinjaTodd during @TEPSAtalk Conference with…

RT @educationweek: The Push to Get More Teachers of Color in Special Education Classrooms

RT @FaithRi19642724: Teachers working side by side to support all of our learners. #D15

RT @PeterMDeWitt: What do teachers need? Are leaders willing to give it to them? #edchat #satchat #leadupchat https…

Trailblazing @Maine_207 program helps students find the right career and avoid deadends via @dailyherald

Two studies reveal benefits of mindfulness for middle school students

RT @ISBEnews: Do you know an outstanding principal who deserves recognition? Tell them to apply for the @ilprincipals Awards for Excellence…

RT @ASCD: Adolescents need teachers who trust both their capacity to learn and their intent to do the right thing.…

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