Congratulations to our

2017 Whole Child Award Winners!


Launched in 2007, ASCD's Whole Child Initiative is an effort to change the conversation about education from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to one that promotes the long-term development and success of children. IL ASCD supports this premise

In 2012, IL ASCD officers and members met with the Illinois Legislature to promote the national organization (ASCD) initiative on Whole Child Education. The Illinois Legislature declared March to be “Whole Child Month.” Members of IL ASCD advocacy task force continue to keep the names of ASCD and IL ASCD in the minds of Illinois legislators as the go-to organization on

 learning. Organization members helped to promote the passage of the Whole Child Resolution in Illinois in both houses on March 9, 2012. As the years progress, our members continue to keep in touch with legislators and believe that we have had a say in helping to promote educational issues in our state. Copies of these resolutions can be found below:

Whole Child Senate Resolution SR 0545 

Whole Child House Resolution HR 0781 


As we continue our work in this area, the Advocacy and Influence Co-Chairs will direct our future efforts in promoting a balanced education for each child. This task force developed a program to recognize schools that model Whole Child concepts.


Please consider nominating your school for recognition as a Whole Child School that supports healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged students.


Benefits of this recognition:

  • Recognition as a Whole Child School within Illinois

  • Information about your school shared nationally on ASCD’s Whole Child What Works Map

  • Letters presented to your state senator and representative and published in local media

  • Staff recognition at the Illinois ASCD Annual Fall Conference on Learning


For information about what it means to focus on Whole Child education, see descriptions and rubrics


2016 Winners:

Overall: Pershing Elementary School, Berwyn School District 100

Healthy: Ardmore Elementary School, Villa Park SD 45

Safe: South Park Elementary School, Deerfield 109

Engaged: Kipling Elementary School, Deerfield, 109

Supported: Woodland Primary School, Woodland School District 109

Challenged: Pepper Ridge Elementary School, McClean County Unit # 5



Please consider nominating your school for recognition as a Whole Child School that supports healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged student by clicking here


Download Whole Child Materials from ASCD Here

ASCD US Whole Child Snapshot PDF

ASCD Whole Child Snapshot for Illinois PDF

Whole Child Snapshots Action Companion PDF

Whole Child Snapshots Next Steps: ASCD Policy Points PDF 

ASCD's Community Conversations PDF


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