Cowin Financial Literacy Program
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The Cowin Financial Literacy Program is a financial literacy initiative, designed to bring experiential learning about personal finance into under-resourced, high school classrooms.

Best Colleges

A partner with to provide interested students with direct connections to schools and programs suiting their educational goals.

Leadership Institute Presentations

At the 15th Annual Leadership Institute, July 31 and Aug 1 & 2 we heard from Diane Wolf, Steve Oertle and Don Viegut on "Using Assessments to Empower Learning". Some of the material covered is posted below:

Visible Learning for Literacy with Doug Fisher
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Explore the practices that work best to accelerate student learning. This webinar series will cover John Hattie, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey's research as to the most effective and impactful strategies for literacy learning and teaching.

Center for Online Education
Best Online Colleges in Illinois

In 2010, Illinois realized major changes were required for its higher education planning. The Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success was established as the pathway to “One Illinois,” a strategic plan to offer affordable high-quality educational opportunities to all residents of the state, thereby providing more advanced job opportunities to everyone.