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Teaching and Reaching Balanced History - Your C.O.R.E AND H.E.A.R.T presented by Micah Miner

In-Person and Virtual Attendance
July 23rd, 2024 - November 12th, 2024, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Multiple Different Locations




9:00 a.m. to Noon CT

July 23 - Live Online

October 10 - ISU Alumni Center

October 15 - Collinsville

November 12 - NIU Naperville

Registration includes: parking, breakfast, resources, 3 PD hours


Teaching social studies and history presents unique challenges and opportunities in specialized society. This workshop offers educators a transformative approach to navigating contentious historical narratives and fostering a classroom environment that embraces diversity, empathy, and critical thinking.


Participants will explore the dual frameworks of C.O.R.E. (Critical thinking, Openness, Respect, Engagement) and H.E.A.R.T. (Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Responsibility, and thoughtfulness) to equip students with the skills necessary to analyze historical events critically, appreciate multiple perspectives, and engage in respectful dialogue.


Learning Objectives

  • Empower Critical Analysis: Learn strategies to encourage critical thinking about historical narratives, using generative AI and other edtech tools to present diverse perspectives.
  • Foster Inclusivity and Empathy: Develop methods to create an inclusive classroom environment that respects and values diverse historical accounts and contemporary social issues.
  • Navigate Controversial Topics: Gain insights on how to approach controversial topics in a way that promotes understanding, critical engagement, and balanced viewpoints. 
  • Integrate Technology and AI: Discover how generative AI can be a powerful ally in teaching balanced history, facilitating richer classroom discussions, and encouraging critical examination of sources.
  • Practice Respectful Disagreement:  Master the art of teaching students to disagree without being disagreeable, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and understanding over conflict. 


Who Should Attend:

K-12 educators, curriculum developers, and school administrators interested in enhancing their approach to social studies and history education, particularly those looking for innovative ways to integrate technology and foster an environment of respectful, critical discourse. 



You will leave with a comprehensive toolkit for teaching balanced history that not only educates but also inspires students to become thoughtful, informed citizens in a diverse democratic society. 


Micah Miner is a presenter, Educational Blogger, American Consortium for Equity in Education Contributing Writer, and Times 10 Publications Author.  He is the District Administrator of Instructional Technology & Social Studies at Maywood, Melrose Park, Broadview School District 89.


Conference Fees

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Non-Member for 3 People Each $179

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How to Register

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