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ENGAGING STRUGGLING STUDENTS What do educators need? Presented by Doris Wells-Papanek

Live Virtual

October 1st, 2024, 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Live Online


October 1, 2024

3:30 - 5:00 pm CDT

Live on Zoom & Asynchronously for 60 days1.5 PD Hours


All Educators Are Welcome!



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Take away powerful ways to support your struggling students via sustainable, active engagement strategies. Come prepared for a thoughtful, highly interactive, and collaborative virtual session. As we unpack three essential elements of active engagement, you will gain insights: sensory-driven empathy mapping, purpose-guided creative problem-solving, and the transfer of new understandings into other situations and domains. This session will be part facilitator-led, part workshop, and part applied learning sciences.


Empathy Mapping


Our sensory inputs guide us through new learning experiences and help us retain, recall, and apply what we know through our environment, cognition, and emotions.


Mapping the significant inputs helps to understand the student’s learning barriers and reveal why, how, and with what they are struggling.


It is essential to identify the influences that triggered their visible reactions, responses, changes in behavior, decisions, and actions.

Creative Problem Solving


The creative problem-solving process is framed by the context of a purposeful problem set, essential question, and intended outcome.


Contextual references serve as relevant anchors for learners to generate purpose, understanding & meaning, memory, recall, and transfer of big ideas & concepts.


Learning experiences are guided via learning targets, assessment criteria, and evidence of progress.

Transfer of Learning


Actively engaged students are better prepared to understand deeply enough to transfer what they have learned into new undertakings.


Learners become more adept at linking visual and textual connections, sorting, grouping, organizing their thoughts, and preparing for productive interactions with others.


They become more respectful, manage their emotions, and confident when exchanging critical feedback.



Takeaways include 

  • learning strategies
  • contextual frameworks and associated learning sciences from which to build


Meet our Presenter

As Founder and Director of the Design Learning Network, Doris collaborates with diverse partners around the globe. Using a creative problem-solving approach, she coconstructs shared visions, tackles complex challenges, and strives for positive impact. Doris is the coauthor of five student-centered publications. She holds a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction Design from National Louis University and a bachelor’s in Product and Environmental Design from the Kansas City Art Institute.


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