Upcoming Conferences & Workshops

SEL Summit in the City
July 18th, 2022 - July 21st, 2022, 12:32pm | Bennett Day School


Restoring Equilibrium Bennett Day School

Tuesday, July 19th & Wednesday, July 20th


Gather together in person for reflection and restoration. We will illuminate how voice and agency influence and impact vital connections and professional growth. We all know staff and educators are struggling. We need more compassion, community, and well-being in our lives. This time together is an opportunity to get real. Together, we will create a culture of care, so we want to stay in our schools doing the work we were born to do!


Feeling a bit low on your hope reserves? Replenish with Dr. Blaise Aguirre, a compassionate and innovative mental health expert in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy. Dr. Aguirre is the founding Medical Director of McLean Hospital’s lauded 3East Continuum Adolescent DBT Program and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is nationally and internationally recognized for his extensive work in the treatment of mood and personality disorders in adolescents and is an author of multiple books including Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents, Mindfulness for Borderline Personality Disorder, Coping with BPD, and Fighting Back.


Need some inspiration? Fill up with Eboni Rucker, Thorton High School District’s SEL Expert, and Behavior Specialist, as she illuminates the impact of real-life connection and community in schools.




Elevating SEL Virtual Conference

Wednesday, July 20th & Thursday, July 21st


Join experts in over 70 breakout sessions to learn “How” to craft a multifaceted approach to SEL in your classrooms and school community. Engage with others over innovative and responsive approaches like Telehealth and EdTech tools to support educators, students, and their families. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to engage with dynamic thought leaders and founders in the SEL, Well-Being, and EdTech communities.


Keynote: Dr. Ernesto Matias                                                                                  

Healing Beyond the Pandemic

Description: Our Leaders have been damaged during the pandemic by threats, angry words, positional ultimatums, and other pandemic-related traumas. Educational leaders are still processioning the pain and shock of those who abused them verbally and at times physically. The purpose of this presentation is three-fold: Acknowledge your pain, provide tools to help you heal, and encourage you to move on.


Breakout Presentor: Mica Ike

Decrease Stress and Increase Productivity

Description: This workshop allows participants to explore decreasing stress in and out of the workplace, and increase productivity in the classroom and in their lives. Participants are given steps to take towards self-care, ensure protection from the damaging effects of stress, improve classroom performance, and improve overall well-being.


Breakout Presentor: Tom Hoerr

Through Empathy: Making a Positive Difference for Students and Staff

Description: Being an educator has never been easy, and it is much, much harder today. The distrust and

doubts created by the Covid-19 and CRT misinformation and misunderstandings have swept the nation and are camped inside our schools. Teachers work to help students respond to a lost year or more while also worrying about the physical and emotional health of their students, their families, and themselves. School leaders must be more than academic officers, organizational experts, or disciplinarians; they must be the Chief Empathy Officer and lead by listening, trusting, and developing others. A CEO helps everyone grow by respecting and engaging others in identifying, defining, and solving problems. This session will focus on the role of empathy in PD, how to use empathy in avoiding and managing conflicts, and how to grow ourselves and others? empathy.


Breakout Presentor: Crystal Conley

Adult SEL: Navigating Workplace Relationships

Description: For most educators, addressing conflict or tension is avoided at all costs. However, difficult conversations occur regularly and, without the right training and skills, they can quickly deteriorate, cause lasting damage to relationships, and stymie progress. In this session, individuals and/or joint teams will build skills and learn strategies to proactively and positively address difficult workplace issues. The objectives include: Determining when a difficult conversation is needed. Exploring the difficult conversation process, understanding the skills of dialogue, and Utilization of new tools to support these conversations in the future.


Breakout Presentor: Crystal Newcomb

Stress, Burnout, and the Benefit of Self-Care

Description: This training will allow participants to gain a clinical understanding of the differences between stress and burnout and learn how to manage or reverse these issues with the implementation of effective self-care, both on a personal and professional level. Each participant will obtain new resources to assist with the application of these strategies.


Breakout Presentor: Jacob Darley

Elevating a Healthy Culture in Your School

Description: Learn PRACTICAL tips for teachers and administrators to grow, build, and sustain a healthy school culture. Join us for an interactive discussion with the leader of a National School of Character to explore hands-on ideas to implement at the classroom, or whole school level. We will address the broad spectrum of healthy school culture whether you are just beginning the journey or several steps along the way.


Breakout Presentor: Andrew Kwok

Socioemotional Learning & Culturally Responsive Classroom Management

Description: In this session, we will explore how culturally responsive classroom management (CRCM) could influence students’ socioemotional learning. We will discuss evidence-based CRCM strategies, particularly around the areas of building relationships and examining student culture. Time will also be offered to identify specific strategies that would best work for you and your students. In such a way, we hope to create a safer and more inclusive classroom for all students.