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February 11th, 2022, 8:30am | IEA Springfield & Livestreamed



6 PD Credits

Onsite Registration Includes: breakfast, parking & materials



Hands-on investigations allow diverse groups of students to develop a shared body of knowledge within a classroom environment. Using simple, concrete materials to represent variables in those investigations can help students of all ages make observations, identify patterns, and use those patterns to build mathematical and scientific models. In this workshop, participants will experience several hands-on investigations that help students and teachers build shared experiences around classroom concepts. Then, participants will collaborate to design similar investigations that follow the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) approach for helping students investigate phenomena in their classrooms and communities.


Through concrete investigations, participants will:

  • be challenged to describe phenomena by making observations, identifying patterns, and building models using a concrete-representational-abstract (CRA) approach to instruction
  • aligning content standards in science and mathematics, emphasizing the mathematical practices and science & engineering practices
  • apply problem-solving skills (MP1), quantitative reasoning (MP2), select and use appropriate tools (MP5), recognize and use mathematical patterns (MP7 and MP8), and attend to detail/precision (MP6) as they investigate mathematics and science concepts
  • utilize several practices of science and engineering as they (1) ask questions, (2) carry out investigations, (3) analyze and interpret data (4) use mathematical and computational thinking, and (5) obtain, evaluate, and communicate information while designing their models



Teachers, coaches, curriculum directors, teacher assistants, administrators


Workshop Cost

$150 ILASCD Member

$199 NonMember

$99  Student/Retiree

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