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Preparing for Fall 2021: Developing a Plan for All Learning featuring Meg Ormiston
July 1st, 2021 - October 1st, 2021 | Online Asynchronous




Preparing for Fall 2021:
Reimagine the Future of Learning


featuring Meg Ormiston
An ISBE Approved Provider

Online Asynchronous


Access Period: Today thru October 1st.



It is time to rethink learning for future success, for all. This five-part video professional development series will have you reflecting on critical themes about teaching and learning. Meg Ormiston delivers these upbeat interactive asynchronous sessions focused on future learning inside and outside of school, preparing for whatever the future holds for schooling.


Session #1 Now Who Owns the Learning?

Collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking are a few of the skills our learners need today and to prepare them for their future. Empowering learners to own their journey of discovery will shift from teacher-focused classrooms to student-driven rich discovery. Given what we learned during the pandemic, we need to prepare for learning any time, any place, and at any pace.

  1. Understanding the Social Mechanics of Change

  2. Unlearning Schooling and Learning

  3. Learning Any Time, Any Place, and at Any Pace


Session #2 Separating Learning From Schooling and Instruction

Information today is everywhere, and we need to help our learners unlearn and relearn as things change and shift. Adults control schooling, systems, and legacy thinking, while authentic deep learning at any age can happen anywhere online or off. Explore the differences between schooling and learning.

  1. Instruction in the World of YouTube

  2. Acceleration for All Is Equity for All

  3. Structuring Learning Around Standards


Session #3 Learners Creating Projects

Let learners demonstrate what they know and can do by creating, designing, and doing, not recalling isolated facts that can easily be Googled. Leave behind one size fits all direct instruction and personalize learning for teams of learners and individuals as they share their projects globally.

  1. Personalized Learning Plans for All

  2. Content Standards Embedded in Projects

  3. Personalized Assignments Align to Project Goals


Session #4 Learning and Growing Through Meaningful Feedback

As groups of learners create projects, they will seek feedback from experts online and off during the process of learning, not after the work is completed. Learners will use this feedback to modify the process and projects they are developing.

  1. Seamless and Ongoing Feedback Frame Projects

  2. Learners Collect Feedback During the Process of Learning

  3. Projects are Shared with a Global Audience


Session #5 Learning Accelerated With Technology Tools

Technology tools and features will continue to connect our learners in ways we never thought were possible. Accelerating learning using various technology tools prepares our learners for a globally connected future collaborating to solve deep, complex problems.

  1. Technology is Ubiquitous

  2. Learners are Active Members of a Global Community

  3. Technology is Used to Solve Real-World Problems with Teams Across the Globe


Get to know Meg Ormiston
Meg Ormiston is often called “The Teacher of Teachers” as she delivers professional development locally, nationally, and internationally. Meg is also an award-winning author/ co-author of 12 books focused on
teaching and learning using digital tools. Meg has been teaching online for over ten years and her upbeat
presentation style will have you laughing as you are learning practical skills you can start using immediately.


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$99 for Student and Retiree 


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