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Preparing for Fall 2021: Developing a Plan for All Learning featuring Meg Ormiston
April 30th, 2021 - August 30th, 2021 | Online Asynchronous




Preparing for Fall 2021:
Developing a Plan for All Learning

featuring Meg Ormiston

An ISBE Approved Provider

Online Asynchronous

Access Period: Today thru August 30


Meg shares what we will need to return to full learning as we transition to what's next in our learning journey: "We have no idea what fall 2021 will look like, but if I were a school administrator I would want my teachers prepared for anything. Many districts are talking about options for families with some face-to-face and remote as a possibility. In addition, across the great state of Illinois, we will have many teachers in need of professional
development hours this summer, and I feel like these workshops are the new methods classes for teachers today using new instructional strategies and digital tools."


Each of the four workshops is aligned to the ISTE Standards. Teachers and administrators scaffold from teacher-driven classrooms to NOW Learning student-driven classrooms. The content of the workshops focuses on instructional strategies that work in classrooms, hybrid, or Flex-learning environments using a variety of technology tools. Each video-based workshop is structured with five sections and three interactive discussion connections in each. Teachers access the workshops asynchronous from any computer, or on the app for learning on the go at any time, at any pace, and at any place. Along with the workshops, everyone engages in the vibrant learning community on our own social learning network.


Who Should Attend?
Teachers, coaches, curriculum leaders, principals, teams


Four Workshops...

Allowing you to customize your classroom learning system using the Now Learning Sequence!  Register for one, two, three, or four workshops.  Up to 52 Professional Development Hours Available. Each Workshop is 13 PD Hours.


Workshop One:

             Panic to Practical: Remote Learning Done Right! A Professional Learning Sequence

                        Session #1 Why Should we Shift from Compliance to Empowerment?

                        Session #2 Who owns the Learning?

                        Session #3 How Does Instruction Need to Change?

                        Session #4 Why Modify Assignments?

                        Session #5 How Do Students Receive Feedback on Assessment?

                        Session #6 How can Technology be Used to Solve Real-World Problems?


Click here for full descriptions of each session!  


Workshop Two:

             Connecting and Collaborating: Refining Remote Teaching

                        Session #1 Collaborating in Student Teams

                        Session #2  Thinking Critically about Redesigning Instruction

                        Session #3  Designing Assignments that Empower Learners

                        Session #4  Creating Meaningful Assessments and Feedback for Students

                        Session #5  Communicating Using Digital Tools


Click here for full descriptions of each session


Workshop Three:

             Reimagine the Future of Learning

                        Session #1 Know Who Owns the Learning

                        Session #2  Separating Learning from Schooling and Instruction

                        Session #3  Learners Creating Projects

                        Session #4  Learning and Growing Through Meaningful Feedback

                        Session #5  Learning Accelerated with Technology Tools


Click here for full descriptions of each session


Workshop Four:

             Empowering Learners: Creating Flexible Thinkers

                        Session #1  Learning How to Learn

                        Session #2  Seeking Knowledge Online and Off

                        Session #3  Project Management Fundamentals

                        Session #4  Reflecting and Goal Setting

                        Session #5  Technology NOW


Click here for full descriptions of each session



Get to know Meg Ormiston
Meg Ormiston is often called “The Teacher of Teachers” as she delivers professional development locally, nationally, and internationally. Meg is also an award-winning author/ co-author of 12 books focused on
teaching and learning using digital tools. Meg has been teaching online for over ten years and her upbeat
presentation style will have you laughing as you are learning practical skills you can start using immediately.


Workshop Cost

$149 for ILASCD Member for each workshop

Nonmember $198 for the first workshop and all remaining workshops $149

$499 for all 4 workshops

For group rates larger than 5, please call 618-203-3993


How to Register

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