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Building Relevance, Rigor, and Impact Through Standards Based Teaching and Learning featuring Steve Oertle
March 30th, 2021 - May 11th, 2021 | Online


Building Relevance, Rigor,  and Impact Through Standards-Based

Teaching and Learning featuring Steve Oertle 

Tuesday, 3/30/21 - Tuesday, 5/11/21

A Flexible Workshop Series for Teachers & Administrators

Live Sessions or On-Demand Viewing

7.5 Professional Development Hours


Close your eyes. Now imagine your classroom...on the best days...post-pandemic.


What do you see? What visual learning supports are on the walls? How are your students seated? What materials are available for students to support their learning? What are your learning routines and procedures?


What do you hear? What are students discussing? What are they reading? What are they sharing from their writing? Are they self-assessing? Are they monitoring their growth through feedback? Is there productive struggle as they learn?


Do you want to improve upon all of the wonderful things you already do for your students? You can!

You CAN...increase your students’ level of engagement even more!

You CAN...make your curriculum even more relevant to your students!

You CAN...take your students to even high levels of rigor!

You CAN...find more time to take your students deeper!

You CAN...increase your impact on student growth and achievement!

You CAN create the perfect environment in which students take risks and become more increasingly independent!


How? In this flexible workshop series, attendees will learn how to maximize their impact by designing a classroom, building, or district framework (Evidence-Based Educational Model) that incorporates

countless educational influences that achieve the highest effect sizes on student learning. Each session in this workshop will explore the building blocks of any valid and reliable curriculum and the

often missing step of daily implementation. Strategies and helpful resources will accompany each session and attendees will head back to the classroom ready to begin transforming their practice for

improved relevance, rigor, and impact.