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Connecting and Collaborating: Refining Remote Teaching Presented by Meg Ormiston
December 1st, 2020 - March 1st, 2021 | Online: Available 12/1-3/1

Connecting and Collaborating: 

Refining Remote Teaching

Presented by Meg Ormiston


A Five-Part Video Series


Designed for practicing educators, this five-part video series is the missing instructional strategies course for remote and transitional education. Meg Ormiston delivers upbeat interactive asynchronous sessions to engage and inspire educators to refine their planning, assignments, assessments, and the use of technology tools.


Session #1 Collaborating in Student Teams
Students working together, even if they are apart, is the secret sauce of remote learning. This session will guide
you through creating student micro-teams and designing meaningful projects for groups of students to complete


Face to face, remote, or hybrid students can work collaboratively to focus on:

  • Connecting and collaborating with other students to support social, emotional learning (SEL)
  • Moving from compliance to empowerment, working as a team of learners
  • Empowering students to actively own their learning as they develop independent and interdependent group skills


Session #2 Thinking Critically About Redesigning Instruction
Session two will focus on redesigning instruction for the productive whole group and small group collaborative
work. During this session, teachers will learn how to restructure teaching and learning if students are together or


Topics include:

  • Strategic collaboration strategies for small groups
  • Instructional strategies that work in breakout rooms
  • Redesigning synchronous and asynchronous learning


Session #3 Designing Assignments that Empower Learners
Focusing on creating quality assignments for groups of students to complete together to demonstrate that they
understand the concepts is the theme of session three. Together or apart, this session will help teachers
structure learning activities and projects that will engage all learners.


These include:

  • Creating quality assignments instead of busywork for students
  • Modifying past assignments to prepare students for their future
  • Designing quality assignments for high impact collaborative learning


Session #4 Creating Meaningful Assessments and Feedback for Students
Providing useful feedback to students is a challenge if we are teaching or learning together or apart. In remote
settings, assessments and feedback strategies need to be modified.


During this session, educators will learn high impact strategies that include:

  • Feedback strategies that matter in the classroom or remote learning
  • Students creating projects to demonstrate what they have learned
  • Technology tools for feedback and assessments


Session #5 Communicating Using Digital Tools
The role of technology is critical if we are together in a classroom or moving between remote learning and hybrid


During this session, teachers will learn about a variety of technology tools they can use for:

  • Designing and managing self-paced learning
  • Technology tools to simplify remote teaching and learning
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration using digital tools



Meg Ormiston is often called “The Teacher of Teachers” as she delivers professional development locally, nationally, and internationally. Meg is also an award-winning author/ coauthor of 12 books focused on teaching and learning using digital tools. Meg has been teaching online for over ten years and her upbeat presentation style will have you laughing as you are learning practical skills you can start using immediately.





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