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Leading School Equity & Advancing Anti-Racism While Protecting Ourselves From Secondary Traumatic Stress
November 16th, 2020, 2:30pm - 4:30pm | Live on Zoom

Leading School Equity & Advancing Anti-Racism While Protecting Ourselves From Secondary Traumatic Stress

A workshop for concerned learning leaders


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What you will learn!

A growing research base and clinical literature has been devoted to anti-racism work and dismantling systems of oppression through culture change and transformative protocols in the schools. However, far too little attention has been devoted to helping equity leaders address their own negative effects of exposure to others' history of trauma and oppression in the schools, termed secondary traumatic stress. This introductory workshop introduces participants to evidence-based techniques designed to foster preparedness, resilience, and effective coping strategies (i.e., self-care) for educators engaged in anti-racism work in the schools. The presenters emphasize the practical application and dissemination of these skills in school environments.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Differentiate between the concepts of secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue and the factors that underlie each concept.
  • Identify effective self-care coping strategies for school leaders exposed to traumatized individuals within systems of oppression.
  • Describe effective self-regulation strategies while engaging in anti-racism work and in the aftermath of confronting and dismantling inequitable structures in the schools.




Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson is an educational and racial equity strategist that is deeply committed to the studies of culture; innovation; equity and adult development. Since earning her master’s degree in Socio-cultural Anthropology from Brandeis University, and her doctorate from Harvard’s Educational Leadership Doctorate (Ed.L.D.), Dr. Amante-Jackson has honed her knowledge to transform organizations, nonprofits and schools on issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Dr. Amante-Jackson currently serves as the President/Founder of The Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP) and DCCP (DEEP Corporate Consulting Partners) where she supports superintendents, teachers, principals, non profit leaders, corporations, commercial real estate and boards to achieve equitable culture and to systematically dismantle oppression.


For over two decades, Dr. Jason Ness has dedicated himself to the improvement of people’s lives. As a licensed clinical psychologist, certified school psychologist, and veteran high school principal, Dr. Ness specializes in working with children, adolescents and adults with a variety of emotional and behavioral needs. With a history of working in private practice, K-12 school systems, and in matters before criminal courts, Dr. Ness has been able to develop an extensive knowledge base. This, along with his expertise in psychological assessment, mental health, crisis management, counseling, and leading complex and diverse school systems, has allowed him to partner with professionals in a variety of settings.


As the Co-Founder of Ness Psychological Services, Dr. Ness now provides direct psychological services to individuals and families, peak performance training for athletes, and critical professional development, consultation, training, and education to schools, school districts and organizations.



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