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Making Coaching and Learning Matter More with Pam Rosa
October 29th, 2020 - November 19th, 2020 | Online Live and On Demand

Making Coaching and Leading Matter More

            Leading and Coaching with The Framework for Teaching using the Four E's: 

     The Why, What, and How to Make our Coaching and Leading Matter more

(Both Virtually AND In-Person)


Interested in using or extending coaching and leadership practices and possibilities using The Framework for Teaching to guide your approach? These ZOOM sessions are specifically designed for virtual and in-person coaching, mentoring, and leading using The Framework for teaching the Four E's (Expectations, Environment, Empowerment, Engagement) to empower teachers and teams to go deeper with their educational impact. Attend ALL four ZOOM sessions live or asynchronously as we focus on High Impact Coaching
and Learning Leadership Why, What, and How's:

WHY: Link The Framework for Teaching Focus Areas to Got-to-Know Teaching High Impact Research-based Initiatives

WHAT: Focus in on The Framework for Teaching aligned High Impact Virtual and In-Person Coaching and Leadership practices to support student learning

HOW: Gain ready-to-use Tips, Tools, and Protocols that Support Teacher and Team Inquiry and Innovation!


Session 1: October 29th from 4:00pm-6:00pm

*Coaching and Leading for Teaching EXPECTATIONS: This webinar focuses in on virtual and in-person "how
to's" for making Teaching Clarity meaningful and manageable with individual teachers or teams.


Session 2: November 5th from 4:00pm-6:00pm

*Coaching and Leading for Learning ENVIRONMENT: It's all about coaches and leaders supporting the infusion of growth-mindset language and actions into "can do" virtual and in-person learning environments.


Session 3: November 12th from 4:00pm-6:00pm

*Coaching and Leading for Learning EMPOWERMENT: Leaders and coaches in this webinar will link to ways to
facilitate the development and implementation of student-empowered classroom management no matter the setting for ALL learners.


Session 4: November 19th from 4:00pm-6:00pm

*Coaching and Leading for Learning ENGAGEMENT: This is the BIG KUHUNA...ENGAGEMENT! In this session, leaders and coaches focus on simple, yet powerful learning approaches for co-laboring with educators on the structures and approaches for making deep learning happen either virtually or in-person.


How does it work?

Each session is available Live and and On Demand


  • Pre-Session Learning Activity (30 minutes); Learning Session: Connector/"Got To Knows" of each Coaching/Leading Area (15 minutes)
  • Modeling of Coaching/Leading Approaches for each Cluster (2 sets of 15 minutes with Polling or Interactive Feedback);
  • Share Fair of "What Works" (2 sets of 15 minutes of Small Group Breakout with Discussion/Application Protocol)
  • Next Step GROW (Goal-Reality-Opportunities-Way Forward) Planning (15 minutes with Whole Group/Chat Sharing); Q & A's/Last Thoughts (10 minutes with "Hands Up"/Chat/Link to Other DG Learning Opportunities)



Pam Rosa is an award-winning principal and professional development consultant. She is passionate about helping educational leaders – both teachers and administrators, build collaborative partnerships that lead to systematic and sustained improvement. A Charter Member of the Danielson Group, Pam Rosa has worked directly with founder Charlotte Danielson to help every type of district develop measurable and sustainable teaching and leadership effectiveness processes.




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Registration deadline: October 26, 2020


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