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Jane Felling: Teaching Math Virtually, Grades K-2
September 28th, 2020 - January 4th, 2021 | Online: Available 9/28-1/4

Jane Felling: Teaching Math Virtually, Grades K-2


Self Paced learning modules - WHEN you have time to learn!
Open Access between September 28-January 4



  • How to adapt commonly found math manipulatives so that students and their caregivers can do the activities at home.
  • How to close the achievement gaps and rebuild the months of learning students have lost due to Covid 19
  • How to differentiate the games to meet the wide range of student needs in your classroom
  • How to develop math journals to help capture student work
  • How to use games for assessment purposes in virtual or in-person teaching settings



Module 1:

Shuffling Into Math


Come prepared to play and learn our favorite games that use an easy to find deck of playing cards and a pair of regular dice. Card games are great to use in your virtual or in-person teaching, easy to differentiate and use for assessment.


  • Fact Fluency strategies for addition and subtraction including doubles, make 10 and 20, commutative and associative properties, count on & back, mental math
  • Double digit addition and subtraction - strategies for composing, decomposing, using number lines



Module 2:

Primary Place Value Games


Number lines, cards, regular dice and place value dice (optional) are easy to find, versatile and great for teaching
many PV concepts at the primary level.


Come prepared to play and learn our favorite games and activities for these important, foundational place value concepts:

  • Using benchmark 10, 100's on a number line
  • Identifying place value 10's 100's 1,000's
  • Pattern counting 10's,100's
  • Laying the foundations for rounding and expanding concepts
  • Composing/decomposing numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of multiples of 10, 100



Module 3:

Rolling Into Fact Fluency - Primary Dice Games


Regular spotted dice are one of the most versatile and easiest of math manipulatives to use whether you are
teaching virtually or in-person with social distancing.


Come prepared to play and learn many games that teach the following concepts:

  • Operational fluency and mastery of basic facts
  • Subtraction concepts
  • Commutative & associative properties
  • Make 10, 20, +9 and -9
  • Doubles, doubles + 1, doubles - 1
  • Count on & Back Strategies -Mental Math



Module 4:

Oh the Math They'll Know - Pre-K & Kinder Games & Activities


The games are perfect for Pre K - K but they also can provide meaningful practice for older students and reteach
to rebuild missing concepts for students who may have gaps in their understanding due to multiple reasons,
including COVID.


Games and activities work on the following concepts:

  • Counting and 1 - 1 correspondence; Subitizing
  • Comparing numbers and <, > and = to
  • Odd and even
  • Count on and back, number sequencing
  • Doubles and doubles plus 1; Make 5,10, 20
  • Building simple bar graphs



Module 5:

Primary Domino Math Games


Dominoes are one of the most versatile and easiest math manipulatives to use whether you are teaching
virtually or in person: great for small groups or solitaire. Families love dominoes as well - share with PARENTS.

  • Numeration, subitizing and patterning
  • Place value to 100, 1,000; graphing
  • Operations - basic facts & operational fluency
  • Double-digit addition and subtraction
  • Make 10, commutative and associative
  • Properties of addition
  • Problem solving and probability


All modules are hands on sessions.
Participant will be aked to have on hand commonly found manipulatives like dice of a deck of cards, so that they can try all thergames and activities.

Each module will have an extensive PDF handout that will contain games, assessment checklists and student gameboards that cam be used in their teaching.

The modules do not have to be viewed in any particular order.



Jane Felling is the author of the award winning Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks series and has been a leader in the area of games as a teaching strategy for over 30 years.
She has been a featured speaker at the National ASCD Teaching Excellence and National conferences, National NCTM and Regional conferences as well as hundreds of state conferences. She has worked with many districts across North America during her consulting career. Her research for her masters was in the area of games and
teaching strategies and she continues to teach K - 8 and special education as part of her· contracts. She is passionate about helping teachers with implementing engaging and effective teaching strategies and is known for her high energy presentation style.





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