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Cultivating Math-Mindedness in ALL Students with Janet Moore
April 16th, 2020, 8:30am - 3:30pm | NIU Naperville

Cultivating Math-Mindedness in ALL Students with Janet Moore


Join us as we reimagine mathematics instruction and explore strategies for building an intuitive understanding of math concepts from Kindergarten through High School. By recognizing common threads and making connections between math standards across grade levels, we can become better mathematics educators and help ALL of our students discover just how “math-minded” they can be.


In this session, participants will:

  •  Experience several examples of using a C-R-A (Concrete-Representational-Abstract) progression for teaching mathematics concepts at all grade levels
  •  Explore simple, yet powerful tools that provide a concrete foundation for building student understanding of challenging mathematics concepts
  •  Use K-2 strategies of composing and decomposing to make sense of traditionally challenging concepts in later grades (such as fractions and decimals, expressions and equations, and area and volume)
  •   Decode and reinterpret commonly misunderstood standards at various grade levels
  •   Trace the learning progression of concepts (such as fractions, multiplication, and division) from elementary school through high school, and identify opportunities for making connections between student prior knowledge and new mathematical content


Janet Moore is passionate about encouraging students to be curious, inspiring them to explore, and empowering them to experience success in mathematics and science. After teaching mathematics at Bureau Valley High School, Janet Moore became Lead Flight Director of the Challenger Learning Center in Bloomington, Illinois where she led students on simulated space missions, developed STEM curriculum materials, and provided professional development for teachers


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