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Working Effectively with Students on the Autism Spectrum and the Grown-Ups Who Come with Them with Barbara Boroson

Live Virtual
November 15th, 2022, 9:00am





Online Live Streamed
9:00 - 3:00 CST
November 15, 2022




Are you effectively reaching and teaching your students on the spectrum? Do their parents and guardians accept your observations and recommendations? And (be honest!) do you welcome theirs? No? Let's change that!


As increasing numbers of students on the autism spectrum are placed in inclusive classrooms, general educators and staff members are being stretched in “special” directions. This dynamic, interactive workshop looks at students on the autism spectrum both specifically and holistically to help you help them in
differentiated and equitable ways.


We will explore challenges related to anxiety, sensation, socialization, engagement, cognition, behavior, and more. Participants will collect strategies for preempting and addressing barriers to learning by reimagining the classroom and curriculum through the eyes, ears, noses, toes, and perspectives of students on the spectrum.


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1-Person $248, 2-People $228, 3-People $218

Student/Retiree $109


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Barbara Boroson has worked in autism education for more than twenty-five years. As a clinical social worker, she specialized with students on the autism spectrum and went on to become a special ed school administrator. Several years later, Barbara had her own child on the autism spectrum. Today, Barbara brings her
compelling dual perspective as an autism educator and autism parent to all the work she does, helping educators work effectively with students on the spectrum, and also seeking to bridge the common communication chasms between educators and families. Barbara is the author of several books, including The General
Education Teacher’s Guide to Autism: Essential Answers to Key Questions
(Solution Tree, October 2022) and Decoding Autism and Leading the Way to Successful Inclusion (ASCD, 2020).

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