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In-Person Workshop
April 25th, 2024, 9:00am - 3:30pm
NIU Naperville



9 am -3:30 pm

Continental Breakfast,
Parking, Lunch On-Your-Own


Administrators: Female or Male -Learn to Lead Those Around You
This is for Men Too!


Women have incredible potential to drive change in education if they step up to lead at all levels. In this workshop, current and aspiring women leaders will get a jump-start on a twelve-week leadership journey. An assortment of activities, reflection prompts, and stories empower readers to overcome gender barriers to leadership and engage in opportunities to learn, grow, and lead within their school communities. Participants will gain a deep understanding of why leadership requires accessing what has been labeled as both classically masculine or feminine strengths. They’ll learn about gender construction and sexism, their negative impact on both men and women and how they can address these issues when they arise. They’ll consider their own leadership strengths and potential related biases in how they view education issues and other educators.


Learning Outcomes and Success Criteria:

  • Understand the unique issues facing women in education leadership and how these affect adults and students of all genders, system policies and practices, and the overall emphasis of education reform
  • Identify the strengths and blind spots of the archetypal masculine and feminine leadership styles and values, and the need to add, not substitute, the feminine to the current overemphasis on the masculine style
  • Discover their own leadership style, how it influences beliefs, how it fits with both gender norms and norms in education, and when to change vs. work for system change
  • Form a plan for the next steps in the ongoing leadership development journey.


Topics Covered:

  • Getting to the Heart of Why Gender Matters in Education Lealeadership. Gender construction, sexism, and unconscious gender bias hurt everyone. Participants will consider their narrative around education leadership, explore masculine and feminine leadership stereotypes, and probe why women leaders are needed now.
  • Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be. Too many women believe they aren’t ready to lead. Participants will explore perceptions of leadership, reflect on how they view their current selves, and identify what might need to shift to view themselves as leaders. They will map their leadership strengths and style, and learn to own them.
  • Leading together in education. Participants will explore how the masculine and feminine archetypes have influenced education reform, school policies, communication patterns, career pathways, and more. They will gain practice with a few simple tools they can use to influence from where they are.


A Copy of Jane's Book will be Provided to Each Participant



Meet the Presenter:

Dr. Jane Kise is respected throughout the world as a thought leader and is the author or co-author of over 25 books on personality, education, and leadership. Jane’s primary passion is working with schools, promoting the goal of creating places where every adult and child feels welcomed, capable, and engaged by the lifelong task of learning.


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