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Increase Writing Vigor In Your Students

In-Person Workshop
April 24th, 2024, 9:00am
NIU Naperville

9:00 am - 3:30 pm CT

Registration includes:  Continental Breakfast,

Parking, 5 PD Hours,

Lunch on your own


For many students, writing is an almost “mysterious” task where it seems, some students are just naturally gifted writers. This presentation will take the “mystery” out of the writing process to empower all students of all abilities toward writing success Peg will define rigor and explain why all teachers want to employ writing VIGOR instead of rigor. She will explain authentic writing and how to write for an authentic audience. In addition, Peg will demonstrate how to give students opportunities that move beyond the basic writing format and focus on writing goals that demonstrate how to think critically, creatively, and credibly. Finally, Peg will demonstrate writing scaffolding tools meant to engage all writers in a culturally responsive and respectful way.


Expected Outcomes and Success Criteria 

Participants will be able to:

  • Define what makes writing vigorous
  • Analyze the difference between traditional writing expectations versus vigorous writing expectations
  • Integrate critical thinking skills in writing intentions
  • Design divergent thinking opportunities for students’ writing
  • Construct ways in which students can determine what makes a source credible Design and create writing scaffolds meant for all student abilities



Who Should Attend: Teachers Teacher Coaches, Principals, Curriculum Specialists K- 12



Peg Grafwallner is an instructional coach and reading specialist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with nearly 30 years of  She supports teachers, administrators, and districts in creating real and relatable content and educational approaches that offer meaningful purpose and relevance to all students. Peg models, coaches, and assists teachers in creating comprehensive literacy lessons meant to enhance skill-building. As the parent of a son who was labeled “gifted and talented” and a daughter who received special education services, Peg offers a unique educational lens that focuses on realizing the potential of all students, in the classroom and beyond.






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