System II: Simplified Student Scores

System II is an on-line program that compares a classroom of student scores and allows the teacher to visually see where each student is in relation to their growth and the other students in the classroom. 






Many educators are quick to recognize that with changes in teacher evaluation and measures of student performance and proficiency, we exist in an evolving educational era of proficiency, excellence, growth, attainment.





It is also an established fact that formative assessment, when used as feedback to modify teaching and learning activities, can have a significant impact on student learning. First, we must find out where learners are in their learning and then we must figure out where they are going. Illinois ASCD is proud to introduce a tool to help facilitate that conversation.





System II has been designed specifically with educators in mind. It is the first tool of its kind designed to be simple and useful, allowing teachers to quickly and accurately analyze student learning on any formative assessment (textbook assessment or classroom assessments in any content area) in a matter of seconds. 



Although quick and easy, don’t underestimate the power of the product. The quick analysis not only shares basic statistics (average, standard deviation of scores, growth, percent growth), which are perfect for teacher evaluation requirements; but also graphs the results in an innovative way, plotting student achievement against student growth for a visual rendering of student learning. For the first time ever, you will be able to quickly ascertain if students are meeting proficiency levels and also growing at appropriate rates.



For a limited time you can secure this tool for an entire year at a 20% discount.


At a discounted rate of $5.00 per student, you will have unlimited access to System II for an entire year. Do you have a larger population? - Call Bill for special school and district pricing - 815 482 2767.


Need a tool to demonstrate student achievement?  Need a tool to use your students formative assessment data? Need to analyze student learning?


Need a SIMPLE tool  YOU can use?  Need to show your principal how well your students are learning?  Need to show student growth? Are you a visual learner or do you work for one and do you need visual representations of student performance?




Snapshots of System II

With a simple upload of your .CVS file, and the click of one button, you get these immediate results:


Interactive graphs are created at the push of a button and give you the mean, median of your data. It also represents, graphically, those students within the standard deviation and those outside the standard deviation - allowing you to instantly see where your students are and how they are performing, giving you concrete growth data.





What is System II?

System II is an on-line tool to help teachers keep track of STUDENT GROWTH. In the PERA era, teachers are required to set goals for student growth and report not this to their principal.


How does System II help?

System II provides the student growth statistics for you.  It takes pre and post test scores on any test and calculates Mean, Median and Standard Deviation of each class scores.


In addition it graphically represents the scores so that the teacher and principal may immediately see the student growth.  Data is shown in three ways.