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At Age of Learning, we work with educators to reimagine education by delivering personalized, equitable solutions that accelerate achievement and "Bring Learning to Life!"  


From the creators of ABCmouse™, My Math Academy™ and My Reading Academy™ are part of a unique Personalized Mastery Learning System that places the student at the center of their individual learning, while immersing them in age and developmental game-based learning through PLAY.  We accomplish this through a Patented Adaptive Technology using a Mastery Learning Approach that is standard-aligned grade-level appropriate, and culturally relevant.  This child-centered approach to learning fuels the greater Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem™ (PMLE) framework with actionable data insights, empowering the child's greatest advocates, educators, and administrators to make informed instructional decisions, as well as parents and caregivers as they champion their child's academic success.  


At Age of Learning, our mission is to help children build a strong foundation for academic success and inspire a lifelong love of learning. As a leading education technology provider, we blend education best practices, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to deliver in engaging, effective educational experiences that bring learning to life. Our product portfolio includes the new individualized adaptive learning programs My Math Academy and My Reading Academy, along with ABCmouse for Schools and Adventure Academy.

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