Session Updates

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Kinder Added Session List


A8- Kiss Weekly Lesson Plans Goodbye: Shifting the Focus to Student Learning ( Nirvana C) 

(P, K, 1)

Danielle Peterson

Traci Hill

This session will shed light on the process we have taken to implement the Common Core State Standards and A Standards Referenced Report Card in our school in a meaningful way for educators, parents and students. We will share how we utilize Professional Learning Communities to collaborate, reflect on student progress and learning and utilize that information to inform our teaching. We have thrown lesson plans as we know them “out the window” and focus on what students need next to most effectively meet the needs of all learners.  




(P, K, 1)

Maureen Joy

A16 – Schaum Ball West A/B

This presentation will introduce participants to websites and web tool that support universal Design for Learning. Time will be used to demonstrate free or low cost web-based resources that support early concept development in the areas of math, science, literature, social studies, and everyday activities.


C8 and I5 -Kindergarten Readiness; What Does this Mean for Early Childhood and Kindergarten Programs?

C8 – Nirvana C

I5 - Euphoria


Phyllis Bliven, Lynn Burgett

Many states have, or are in the process of developing a Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) in order to both guide instruction and inform the early childhood system.  Come and find out where Illinois is in this process, what the latest requirements are for kindergarten programs, and how Illinois will use the data collected to inform instruction and best practice for programs serving children birth through 5 years old.


E8  (Thursday,  1:15-2:15) -  Bibliotheraphy 101: Spark Social Emotional Learning with Amazing Mentor Texts See K16 description.

E8 – Nirvana C


E9 - Restorative Practices for the Early Learner ( Connection ) 

(P, K, 1, A)

Megan Fuciarelli

With the adoption of SB100, Restorative Practices have become a huge focal point in our schools - putting social/emotional learning and the art of relationships at the forefront.  How can we implement restorative practices with our early learners?  We will talk specifically about how restorative justice looks with children ages 3-6.  Resources will be offered from Teaching Tolerance as well as US2 — both agencies working to eradicate educational inequities in our current system.



F21 and K5 (F21 – Schaum West / K5 - Euphoria)

Make Learning Awesome! How to Use Music as a Supplemental Educational Tool in the Classroom

(P, K, 1, A)

Michael Scherer, Zach Garret

Come and enjoy a breakout session that will revolutionize the way you teach in your classroom! The Awesome Squad presents “Make Learning Awesome!” This breakout session will teach you how to use easy songs with simple melodies to make subjects fun, interesting, and memorable to the students. No prior music training is necessary!

We will write an original song together as a group. Using a “mad libs” style template, you will learn how to easily take a simple melody and write original, catchy songs that will be a perfect supplement to your lesson plans. These songs will be original, so there won’t be any confusion with the students. The melodies will be easy to learn and easy to sing, so you don’t have to have a lot of vocal skill to perform them. Over the course of this breakout session, we will walk you through - step by step - the process of how to create your song and use it in your lesson



I9- When Implicit Bias Becomes Explicit  ( Connection) 

(P, K, 1, A) 

Megan Fuciarelli

Many of us have heard the term implicit bias, but what happens when that implicit (or unaware) bias becomes explicit and no longer hidden?  How do your own perceptions and perceptions of the families you serve impact our youth?  During this session, we will talk about reflecting upon our own bias as well as how to address our students in a culturally responsive manner.  Resources will be offered from Teaching Tolerance as well as US2 - both agencies working to eradicate educational inequities in our current system.


L22 ( Friday, 11:45-12:45) - Mr. Pencil, Mr. Pencil: Write Routinely in Kindergarten

L22 – Schaum East




E6- Reaching Students with Autism: How to Engage ALL my learners

(P, K, 1 )  

Nikki Michalak, Stacey Bock, and Megan Blahnik

As the rates of diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continue to increase and more students with ASD enter the classroom, educators are desperately seeking ways to engage their learners and match teaching and learning styles.  This session focuses on hands-on activities, instructional and visual supports to facilitate high levels of engagement, and methods for meeting the needs of a wide variety of students.