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Gain the IL ASCD Curriculum Specialist Certificate.  For over 15 years the Curriculum Leadership Development Network (CLDN) has been the toolbox that IL ASCD had used to prepare the best Curriculum Leaders.  Are you tired of making reactionary curriculum decisions?  Let's team together to learn from leaders who plan proactively.  Let's establish an ongoing network of leading educators who are invested in the best, most efficient, most powerful, most engaging learning for our students.

Join our five-day cohort to learn, share, develop and implement a viable curriculum for our post-pandemic learning.


Who Should Attend? Aspiring Curriculum Leaders, Curriculum Directors, Principals, Teacher Coaches, Teachers, & Administrators


(Day 1) November 29



Filtering out the Noise with Sara Wilke


Ed-tech is an exploding business genre that has only grown since the start of the pandemic. With over 200 ed-tech being started each year, it’s easy to become distracted by the glitz, glimmer, and gimmicks of resources high in “cool factor” but lacking in rigor or academic value. How is one to know what is a quality purchase for our students? While we need to consider cost, SOPPA requirements, and the ability to engage our students, how do we know if it will help with student growth? How do we avoid the allure of “BLING” (cool tech tools) and focus on the power of “BANG!” (purposeful, student-centered learning) to effectively widen the walls of our learning environments?


Afternoon session: 12:30-3:15 

IT'S ALWAYS EASIER TO EDIT Curating Existing Learning Resources to Meet Local Needs with Jeannine Prucha


Learn to edit rather than build curriculum materials from scratch. With the current climate of teacher burnout and substitute shortages, any opportunity to concentrate professional development efforts on meeting the needs of the students in your district is appreciated. Why reinvent the wheel and curate all of your own materials when you can use your mental resources to modify current resources to better meet your needs?



(Day 2) January 31, 2023


COACHING YOUR PEOPLE: Empowering Teachers and Students with Robin Bruebach



When educational leaders empower teachers and students through coaching they are able to reflect, refine their thinking, and reframe their practice so that meaningful and lasting change occurs.  The best change comes from within. Coaching supports individuals to process information, navigate new or difficult situations, and helps people find their resilience and capacity.


(Day 3) February 23, 2023


LEADING CHANGE Tools for Building Capacity with Sarah Cacciatore


Change is a common entity within a K-12 school environment and successful implementation of change can be instrumental in improving student learning and teacher instructional practices. You need tools, specific tools to support adult learning implementation and build capacity, as well as, means to assess the implementation plan. In order to lead districts through a change process, whether that is updating standards, adopting new grading practices, or improving instructional philosophies, these tools will allow you to identify which change theory will best suit your building or district needs as you continue to lead and grow.



(Day 4) April 24, 2023

9:00am-3:15pm ( NIU Naperville) 



A serious barrier to improving student outcomes is the lack of grade-level materials students could access. In addition to this barrier, there is a significant number of students who are not ready to take on more rigorous content.  The school’s leader and staff must translate one’s vision for more rigorous instruction into reality. 



(Day 5) May 17, 2023


RETHINKING LEADERSHIP: Becoming the "Follow-Able" Leader with Steve Thomas



Leadership is influence, and how we steward that influence to accomplish positive things in, with, and through people. Our leadership can get stuck from time to time and, oftentimes, we don’t even notice as it’s happening. So, it’s imperative that we continually take time to reflect on and rethink leadership. We must examine the desire of every leader to build a team within their organization. There are qualities that people look for in a leader that also determine whether they will follow him or her. The higher the level of connection between the leader and all members of the organization, the higher the level of everything else.  Learn to use connections to become the "follow-able" leader.


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