Our Partners

McHenry County Curriculum Council
Midwest Principals' Center

Midwest Principals' Center deepens a commitment to work for all children who are served in our schools. Members pledge that the needs of students - academic, intellectual, physical and social-emotional - will always be the measure by which we judge our work. 

Read their quarterly Newsletter with updates about upcoming events HERE

TEAMS – The Evaluations and Assets Management System


TEAMS – The Evaluations and Assets Management System is comprised of a team of educators, software developers and school administrators who work around the clock to improve the administrative and instructional processes of schools. With a heavy rapport of clientele in the education software market, TEAMS brings forth the knowledge, skill, and toolset needed to provide schools with the utmost care and support that they deserve.

Our goal is to help better the education industry by taking paper processes and streamlining them into secure online methods of use. We work closely with schools in order to deliver the most comprehensive and robust systems that will meet their everyday needs and help their staff achieve great heights of success.

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TEAMS was created by Insystech, a software development company in the DC area with a rich history of software development and customer service experience, specifically in the K – 12 educational arena. Insystech is an information technology company and service provider. At Insystech, our mission is to provide the highest quality service and intelligent solutions to our clients while providing the best value. We value honesty, integrity, and complete dedication to our clients' success.

Insystech has a long history in the education community at both the collegiate, state, school district, and P-12 levels. Visit www.insystechinc.com for more information about Insystech.


North Central College

Located in Naperville, North Central College offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Education. North Central’s Educational Leadership degree, with eligibility for principal endorsement, focuses on the moral purpose of building the capacity of our graduate candidates so that they can go forward and bring Cultures of Character practices into the heart of their school communities. The Program is grounded in: 


  • Program-specific leadership virtues

  • The development of leader character

  • Cultivating practical wisdom


The emphasis on character combined with culture-building allows future leaders to not only design curricular efforts for character education and Social Emotional Learning, but also extend this work throughout all aspects of the school environment.


Find out more by contacting Marsha Webster, Character Initiatives Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator.